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Mission Statemant

Mission: "To educate students by incorporating high expectations, strong academics, and social awareness so that they can learn to live as leaders for a lifetime."
Vision: "To provide opportunities for students to live to learn, learn to grow, and grow to lead through an excellent educational environment."

We believe students should become life-long learners.

  • We believe students learn by doing.
  • We believe in addressing all learning styles.
  • We believe students learn best in a safe, nurturing environment.
  • We believe learning should be engaging, meaningful, and fun.
  • We believe diversity should be appreciated and valued.
  • We believe respect should be modeled by staff and demonstrated by students.
  • We believe students should learn problem-solving skills.
  • We believe students should be responsible for their own learning.
  • We believe students should be independent learners.
  • We believe family and community should support our school.
  • We believe technology integration should be a part of a well-rounded curriculum.
  • We believe creative expression and awareness of the arts should be nurtured in all students.
  • We believe in health education and promoting healthy life styles.
  • We believe in encouraging social, emotional, and physical development in all students.
  • We believe all students and staff can be great leaders!
  • We believe in the Eight Habits of Leadership!